Review: Trigun

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Review: Trigun

Postby Whiplash » Thu Nov 13, 2008 6:08 pm


Title: Trigun

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There is a typhoon commin' this way and his name is Vash the
Stampede. One of the most talked about anime of all time. This series has
got it all. Gun slingin badies w/ one bad ass hero w/ yellow shades and a
red trench coat. What more can you ask for?
Trigun takes place some time in the distant future where supposedly the last
of the human race ends up inhabiting some deserted planet. Water is a scarce
resource and is treated like gold. With a future looking so grim what is a
person to do.who will be the one that will bring up mankind from all the
torment they have endured? Well the Humanoid Typhoon that's who.
Vash is on a mission. Of what purpose you ask? Well you do not know until
the story unfolds towards the middle of the series. In the beginning he is
all confused on what to do and his goofy antics show it. Everywhere he turns
trouble is there waiting for him. In fact he has caused so many problems
there was a bounty placed on his head for $$60 billion (double
dollars-currency in the anime.why? don't ask me I just watch it)
There are two female characters that come in the first episode and pretty
much stay with Vash the entire time making sure he doesn't cause any more
problems. Well at least they try to. As the story progresses Vash encounters
stronger enemies and has a harder time keeping his promise, of which no to
kill or intentionally hurt anybody, to this mysterious woman known as Rem.
Without any knowledge of his promise to Rem, countless people still hunt him
down like an animal all for the bounty. But there is one man and his deadly
group know as the Gun-ho Guns that is out to get Vash with no intention of
receiving that bounty. All their want is to make Vash's life a living hell.
But who is this man and why does he want such torment on a person who is
already living in pain? Well watch the series damn it and find out for your
self ;)

Personally I really liked Trigun. It's a very funny anime with a bunch of
scenes that will definitely put a smile on your face. Lots of action and an
overall plot that is really creative and not too hard to follow, unlike some
anime (Evangelion) not that its bad or anything. Overall though its good
stuff. Fun for all ages and the only thing I would (censored) about is that they
need to make a movie or special episodes or something. This anime is
definitely worth the DVDs so go buy it. Hell I did and I did it the hard way
too. Bought every single DVD and not in some box set either. Dubbing isn't
too bad, in fact I actually watched some of it in its dubbed format and I
liked it as much as the counter Japanese audio. Way to go Pioneer ^_^

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Notes: Review by jamm (moved from old reviews section)

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