Review: Tales of Eternia

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Review: Tales of Eternia

Postby TheSa|nt » Thu Nov 13, 2008 6:03 pm

Title: Tales of Eternia (aka: ToE)

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4 young voyagers set off to save the world from a devistating disaster known as "The Grand Fall". However conflicting battles between the 2 nations from a long time before has lived on throughout the generations, and the hate for each other will become a chalenge for these 4 voyagers as they seek to bring to bring the 2 nations back together and stop the Grand Fall from destroying everything.

The series is based on a PSX game (same title name) and truthfully if you have never played the game, you will not fully grasp the story. What really makes it worse is that within the beggining of the 1st episode, they practically jump half way into the game. This type of thing continues throughout the series, and gives a feeling of being rushed through the story. Its only 13 episodes and it ends as fast as it starts. Its missing a lot of story, but it still isn't somthing bad to watch. It has some nice graphics, and the characters are enjoyable.

Links: Amazon (DVDs)

Notes: 13 Episodes

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