Review: Hellsing (anime)

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Review: Hellsing (anime)

Postby TheSa|nt » Thu Nov 13, 2008 5:03 pm


Title: Hellsing

RATINGS (1-5 Stars)
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Rating - Overall: :star: :star: :star: :star: 1/2

Seras Victoria is sent on a mission with her SWAT team to restore order in a town, but quickly find themselves no match for the vampire and his ghouls! With all her squad mates turning to ghouls, she soon becomes the vampire's last target, until Alucard (Arucard) comes on the scene, turning her into vampire to save her life...

Stunning graphics, a truly original OST, good story and great characters make this anime one super cool, super stylish ride that'll get you hooked right from the first episode. The production values are extremely high for a series shown at 2:35am in Japan, but its the feel and style that all the great drawing in the world can't make up for that makes it such a great anime. The whole series so damn cool it'll make you want to be immortal and start sucking people's blood! Seriously though, I found myself actually reading vampire books and even watched Vampire Princess Miyu simply cos it had the word "Vampire" in it! OK, the story line isn't always very coherent. Its not that it has no story line, but I think its a directing thing where the story isn't easy to follow especially towards the end. But its not a major problem, and doesn't matter 'cos the characters more than make up for it. Alucard is on of my favourite characters in a while and simply kicks the most ass since Gatts and Saitoh Hajime. Highly recommended and what I consider a must watch!

Notes: Review by Gatts82 (moved from old reviews section)


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