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Page wall post by James Hrenak Jr.

Postby MZFT Clan FB Updates » Thu Apr 13, 2017 2:28 pm

Page wall post by James Hrenak Jr.

James Hrenak Jr. wrote on MZFT Clan Page's wall: So a few now have said the new COD is good. I was so close to buying it because I REALLY want that frackin Halo 5 edition custom Xbox One. For a few days everyone was offering COD as well for free with the bundle. Then I spent $3k on camera equipment so those dreams were crushed hah. Of course, now I really have a really awesome camera for video shoots. It's all in the balance of things.

I plan on checking it out though eventually and joining everyone. That Advanced Warfare game just doesn't d... (1 like, 1 comment) ... 1447361957

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