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General Forum Rules

Postby TheSa|nt » Wed Jul 13, 2016 2:58 pm

Welcome to the new Animevortex forums!


NO selling/auctioning, channel ads/names, etc etc…your not stupid...don’t act like it. You can post urls/links and what not as long as they pertain to the topic of that thread! If you post a url for an file such as an Anime music video, fanart, etc, make sure the url points directly to that file.

No harassing people...Do not post any vulgar, obscene, inflammatory or racist comments..or they will have full permission to disembowel you.. :twisted:

No Pornography!! Hentai is of course ok, but pornography will not be tolerated. This will result in deletion of your account, and possibly a higher consequence depending on the level of obscenity.

Flooding and mass posting of junk to higher post levels or what not will not be accepted. If you’re going to post, do it right. If someone is offering something they did, or what not…at least say a short thank you or something. Don’t just post with "coo" or "smilie face" etc.

Do not post warez material, cracks, serials, etc. This is an anime related board......keep it that way :P

Do not use ratios no matter the type of server you run...ftp/fserv/etc....Be a fan and a member of the community, but do not be a scrooge. We are here with ftps an fservs to help provide you with stuff, you do not need to demand people to send you stuff just so you can do the same or what would be the point of us all being here to begin with.

Finally the most important rule, HAVE FUN!!!

Breach of any of the above rules can result in deletion of your account. More to come of course...

Reporting Posts to an Admin/Mod: Every post has a small icon/button that allows you to report it. If the post is the wrong section, is violating any forum rule, contains broken links or in any way unacceptable, please feel free to let us know by using this feature.

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