Review: Angelic Layer

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Review: Angelic Layer

Postby TheSa|nt » Thu Nov 13, 2008 4:07 pm


Title: Angelic Layer

RATINGS (1-5 Stars)
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Misaki is sent to live with her aunt in Tokyo. On arrival at the train station she watches for the first time an "Angelic Layer" fight being telecast on a big screen. Angelic Layer uses dolls which are controlled by the deus (player) via mind link to do battle against each other (read - Thai boxing meets WWF using dolls that can move at superhuman speed). Misaki is immediately interested in it as an angel of smaller build (like herself) can beat a bigger opponent. A mysterious man Icchan meets her at the station, and goes about teaching her how to play angelic layer.

Angelic Layer can be predictable at times, and i felt it dragged for too long, with probably too many "fights" in the middle. However Angelic Layer is not just about the winning the fights, its also about the friends Hikaru makes when she comes to Tokyo, and it does surprise at times as more and more is reavealed about Misaki's past.

Notes: ORIG/TRUE Reviewer = Gatts82 (moved from old review section)

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