Ringtone Requests - Section Rules (Read before posting/view)

A place to request ringtones and voicemail recordings of your favorite characters. Just come on in, make your request and when the actors have time they will try to deliver.
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Ringtone Requests - Section Rules (Read before posting/view)

Postby TheSa|nt » Wed Oct 14, 2009 4:07 pm

The actors from LV Mobsquad have given us the pleasure of allowing us to setup this section in our forums. Request and discuss your requests and the actors will attempt to deliver whenever they can!

[*]Only one request per person, per month (exluding special events/promotions)
[*]Don't be rude...be patient! They may not be able to deliver for all and they may not always be around to respond quickly!
[*]Character's only. The actors will not record anything as "themselves" (as an actor) (unless otherwise specified)
[*]Please be warned before you view the content in this section, that the material may not be appropriate for all ages!
[*]Also note that the content in this section reflect the ideas, attitude, or politics of the LV Mobsquad, and are not those of the Animevortex.net Community. Animevortex simply provides a home for their section.

Current available voices:
- Purple Monkey
- Elmo
- Meatwad
- Mad Black Guy
- Lil Jon
- Red Neck Phone Calls (The Red Necks!)
- Random Rant Guy



Note: You can find some LV Mobsquad content by visiting their youtube channel at: http://www.youtube.com/jh20001

Also Note: The "Elmo" character is © of Public Broadcasting Company, Meatwad is a © of Adult Swim and Lil Jon...is a © of himself :P

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