Review: Mahoromatic

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Review: Mahoromatic

Postby TheSa|nt » Thu Nov 13, 2008 5:25 pm


Title: Mahoromatic

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Unknown to the public, an alien group called SAINT has been attacking earth for several years now, and the Vesper organization is the only defense earth has against the aliens! Built using SAINT's technology Mahoro has been Vesper's best and most successful battle android. However, Mahoro has a limited lifespan with around a year left after taking off her battle armaments. As a reward for her services, Vesper allows her to choose the life she wants to lead and she chooses to be student Misato Suguru's maid.

I don't normally watch this type of anime and its actually the first "maid" one i've seen. To be honest, the reason I started watching it was because Gainax (Evangelion, FLCL) is the production company behind Mahoromatic. I was pleasantly surprised by Mahoromatic and even quite liked it. First and foremost it is impossibly cute! The level of cuteness this show reaches just goes off the cuteness scale. From the drawing, the characters and even the soundtrack it makes Pikachu look like some ugly vermin with a limited vocabulary. But there's a lot more to Mahoromatic than just being kawaii. The storyline is simple enough but some of the themes that go through are both hilarious and touching. Like most anime I seem to do reviews for on this site, Mahoromatic's story doesn't really end, with strong hints of a second season. Scouring the net for information on it in English, it seems Gainax are looking seriously at doing a second season but it won't be so soon as not enough of the manga has come out to complete a second season. For now we'll just have to be satisfied with the 12 episodes from the first season.

Notes: Review by Gatts82 (moved from the old reviews section)


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