Animevortex Trivia has now been moved to Animevortex Site!

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Animevortex Trivia has now been moved to Animevortex Site!

Postby TheSa|nt » Fri Jan 03, 2014 10:21 am

Those of you who remember the trivia system that I created for the channel (chat) back in the day that ran for a number of years will (or may) be happy to see that it has been ported over to the website.

I re-wrote it to support PHP and slapped it on there along with the answer. Obviously the score system has been removed and there are no "commands" that need to be used for anything. In order to have kept the scoring system, I would have had to import it here into the forums as a forum feature but.....not enough people use the forums so that would be a LOT of pointless work to develop that. :P

It is now located in two areas:

1) A teaser. The front index page of no long shows the "status" of the trivia in the channel since the trivia is no longer present there. Instead it displays the trivia system itself with one single/random question. The answer provides a link to the Trivia page.

2) The Trivia Page! The trivia page contains the main trivia and you are able to continue on as many times as you want to the next question.

Update: 01/06/14 - I updated all this information as a few days ago I did indeed create it's own trivia page. Today I also updated it so that moving to the next question doesn't require reloading the page. Now the information updates live on the page with a single click. In the future if I port a login system to Animevortex's over-all site (not just the forums/blogs), I'll look into bringing the scoring system back and linking results to everyone profiles. Keeo in mind, this may never happen because no enough people register for the services that are already here (forums, blogs). So again, it would be a lot of work with no result so... :)

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