Omega Script Development Canceled

Here you will find all the news related to Omega Script (i.e., new releases, patches or general announcements)
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Omega Script Development Canceled

Postby TheSa|nt » Wed Jan 01, 2014 1:20 pm

Also mentioned in the Omega Script site/section.....

I wanted to confirm since we have received a few inquiries in 2013 that the development of Omega Script was indeed closed during the development of the 8.1 release. The new release contained many updates and additions that brought new life to the script but usage of Omega Script as well as general interest of IRC had come crashing down over the years making further development a null point. Therefore Omega Script 8.1 patch never saw the light of day. The same goes for the other major scripts such as SysReset as their authors chose to move on to greater things as well. I had a lot of fun working on Omega Script and socializing with a lot of great people who helped shape it into what it became through the many hours of beta testing and feedback.

The download links for Omega Script 8 are still active and shall remain active since there are still a few downloads here and there and active users online. Keep in mind though that OS8 does NOT support the later versions of mIRC. OS8.1 was going to bridge that compatibility gap. I've been tempted to go back and attempt to finish it so there could at least be a compatibility with the latest mIRC versions but sadly too many years have gone by and due to further releases of mIRC since then, the compatibility updates are probably all but outdated. So OS8.1 will never see the light of day. Unless of course IRC makes a major come back and drags me back into the scene with it :)

A big thanks to everyone who has or still does use OS, to all of you that helped shape it and to all the great people I met on IRC over the years. I hope everyone is living very fulfilled lives!

PS: If anyone ever wants to take up the development of Omega Script, I would be happy to send them everything and co-develop where possible. Especially with graphics ;)

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