Everything looks like I was the only poster >_<

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Everything looks like I was the only poster >_<

Postby TheSa|nt » Wed Sep 11, 2013 9:27 pm

It is so lonely knowing that I destroyed everything when I accidentally deleted all posts and users, just to bring all users back into the system but all posts outside of mine and a few others lost....lost in the vortex. That leaves things looking as though I have been the only one making these posts all this time. Kind of makes you feel like you've been talking to yourself ;)

Oh well, the forums have officially been closed anyways, so those reading this, you are still welcome to register and interact but for everyone else....the rest of the website will still grow strong thanks to the tens of thousands of visitors hitting it every month (ie, gallery, blogs and everything else).

Obviously certain parts of the forums will stay active thanks to the outside contributors to anime, xbox and PSN news and updates and what not. More may jump on board eventually, who knows but until then enjoy. I'm off to go back to focusing on the things that make me rich :D

Hail to the king!

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