Updates coming to the AV Startpage

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Updates coming to the AV Startpage

Postby TheSa|nt » Sat Jul 13, 2013 11:05 am

For those of you that use the startpage in which we created for everyone (a unique page to replace their browser's startpage or "new tab" page...more details below), there is an update coming that you probably have already seen begin.

We have already moved a few links around based on popularity or recommendations and now we are adding a whole new section. We have received some requests to bring in more of a presence for gaming. So you may have noticed there are 4 scenes instead of 3 on the page; one of which very well states "coming soon".

This will be dedicated to both console and online video games. For the online games we will try to focus on the free games and will attempt to update shortcuts based on popularity so that no unpopular game is wasting space :)

You can get to the startpage by the following link: http://www.animevortex.net/html/startpage


What is the startpage? The startpage was created by us to offer users a fun and unique approach to setting their startpage or "new tab" page in their browser. It is themed after Windows 8/Phone/Xbox's metro style theme. It works with your mouse for both scrolling and clicking (arrow icons), as well as your keyboard as you can use the left and right arrows on your keyboard to switch scenes, each scene with it's own group of shortcuts. Now with 4 categories (scenes) it offers the main scene, Games, Social and News/Fun.

Other updates you will have noticed is the background has been switched to an image vs a solid color (used to be purple) and we will look at future options for that as well...maybe a rotation feature depending on load times.

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