Review: Blood The Last Vampire

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Review: Blood The Last Vampire

Postby TheSa|nt » Thu Nov 13, 2008 4:18 pm

Title: Blood: The Last Vampire

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"Blood" takes place at a US air base somewhere in Japan. The time is Halloween night (for apparently no reason). The movie's heroine is the last true vampire and has somehow gotten herself in league with a military organization to hunt down demonic creatures.

The first thing that comes to mind when reviewing this movie is, "wow great graphics!" The computer graphics used in the movie are superb and blend with the anime perfectly. The visuals make "Akira" look like "Looney Tunes". I'm not exaggerating; the movie graphics are superb. Other than this, there isn't a whole lot that sets "Blood" apart from the other billion anime titles. It's got action, blood, guts, and dead demons. But this can be seen in a variety of anime flicks.
The movie has a gothic feel to it. Some scenes are downright eerie. Others are disturbingly simple, yet still draw some suspense. The blood plays an important part to the imagery as does the reddish sky and Halloween decorations.
What starts as a horror anime with great potential quickly turns into a anime version of the "X-files". Sadly the story is either very vague or nonexistent. You're simply there witnessing events that happen without background or information. It's up to you to draw your own ideas as to who the characters are and why the events are happening. The story is there but you don't know what it is. It's just like you walked in on "Aliens" or "Predator" about halfway through the movie. You have no idea what's going on but you like the action.
Watch this movie only as a casual flick with your friends. Most versions are dubbed in English and you don't really need to pay attention to the plot. It's just an action movie with beautiful visuals. This would make a great movie for a Halloween party.

Notes: Review by Necro-M (moved from old reviews section)

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