Suikoden V - PS2

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Suikoden V - PS2

Postby TheSa|nt » Mon Feb 16, 2009 9:56 am

I would have to say I am very impressed with Suikoden V (5). The first 2 games were very entertaining and I like the unique approach to an RPG ("something different"). The 3rd game was also very good but took awhile to adjust to...eventually got over that and learned to enjoy it though. The 4th one I completely skipped based on popular review of the game. When I picked up the 5th one I was a little unsure because it does start off slow, but I did read the reviews and they said to have patience. They were more than right.

Once this games starts to pick up (story-wise), it becomes a non-stop addiction that sucks you right in. The character detail and story was once again great, and the length of the game was good. I did find the loading times to get very irritating but that was solved by using HDLoader to play the game right off the PS2 harddrive (reduced loading times for me by about 60%+). I owe a thanks to obake-san in the IRC channel for pushing me to venture into setting up a HD on the PS2. Also the battles got to me here and there but I think that might just be RPGs in general for me (maybe their magic is wearing off). In general though, I was very happy to play the game, very happy it took up a great deal of my time (lol), and disappointed when it was all was a great game. I highly recommend it to any who finds RPGs intriguing.

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