Review: Akira (1988)

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Review: Akira (1988)

Postby TheSa|nt » Wed Nov 12, 2008 8:49 pm


Title: Akira

RATINGS (1-5 Stars)
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In the future there is a war between the government of Neo-Tokyo and some underground rebels. A motorcycle gang who loves to start trouble gets caught up in the mess and run into a child with psychic abilities that escaped from the government. One of the gang members gets captured by the government and escapes after they perform experiments on him, right after they realized he had the power to destroy everything).

Now this movie is just plain unique! Some people have to watch it about 6 times just to get a basic hang on what is going on! There is a very strong abstract-artistic value to it, both in the animation and the twisted storyline. Although it is hard to keep up with (kind of like Neon Genesis) at points, you don't want to stop kind of sucks you into it. It is definitely a classic and a must have! If you finish the movie saying "wtf?", don't worry it's normal, and give it a chance later on and see if you understand it more the second time around.

Notes: Movie - 1988

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